Tendance Wear donates a portion of every sale to support social impact causes directly affecting rural communities in Mali, West Africa

Your purchase helps make a difference in the lives of those who need it most!

Empower Mali

Empower Mali works side by side with locals to improve their quality of life by tackling issues such as access to education, healthcare, and basic necessities. One third of the population in Mali has no potable water, and more than 99% of those in remote areas live without electricity.

By partnering with Empower Mali, proceeds from each and every Tendance Wear sale go toward making a positive change within Malian communities. In less than five years, the organization has opened five schools so students no longer have to walk up to seven miles to get to class each day. The non-profit has also installed electricity generating playgrounds, and distributed school supplies, tablets, and hygiene kits, which has impacted hundreds of people.