The Story Behind The Name

My name is Tiemoko and I'm originally from the beautiful landlocked country of Mali located in the northwestern part of Africa. Like other parts of the region, Mali has a very rich and vibrant culture that is reflected in the day-to-day fashion and character of its people. The striking designs and colorful fabrics used in traditional clothing immediately captivate visitors. In my opinion, this is one reason why the people of Mali are such a happy and charming bunch despite the country’s many economic and social issues. 

Several years ago, I left the place I had always called home and pursued my education 6,700 miles away in the U.S. Here I met others with a similar story to my own. I came to realize that the U.S. is a melting pot and many people still take pride in their place of origin. I began to contemplate ways I could combine the two unique cultures that define me, hence the birth of Tendance Wear.

Tendance translates to “trend” in French, Mali's official language.

Tendance Wear bridges the “fashion gap” between cultures. Every country has its own distinct and intricately designed textiles that help to tell the story of its people. Tendance Wear sources its fabrics directly from local artisans for the most part, and sometimes manufactures its own fabric while getting inspiration from the local artisans, and then transforming it into modern wearable styles based on current trends. The result is meaningful contemporary apparel and accessories that support craftsman around the world. In order to positively impact as many people as possible, Tendance Wear donates a percentage from each item sold to charities in the country where the textiles were sourced.